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Multi platform support. Ease of development. Raw performance. Fast, easy deployment in complex, highly scalable environments. These are just a few of the reasons why many of today’s most widely used applications—business-critical solutions for accounting, insurance, manufacturing and more—are built on the award-winning database engines from Pervasive Software. Btrieve and Pervasive.SQL give businesses and departments the performance and flexibility they need, in environments running everything from standalone PCs to complex internetworks. Most important, the engines’ reliable, maintenance-free operation means businesses don’t have to hire the full-time database administrator required by other systems. In fact, Btrieve and Pervasive.SQL operate so transparently that end users are often unaware they even exist!

At the same time, achieving this outstanding ease of use requires that you configure and tune the engines precisely and efficiently. And this can be difficult—particularly when the database engine will be powering multiple applications in the same environment. The various Microsoft® Windows environments heighten the complexity of installing and fine-tuning the systems, especially as the database engines evolve and as new workstation components are required.

You have a partner in Goldstar Software.
Whether you are an application developer or an end user, we’ll work with you to achieve the best possible installation of your Pervasive.SQL and Btrieve database engines and applications. We’ll make sure the systems are tuned to meet your precise requirements. And we’ll help you sustain optimal operation over time—regardless of how your organization evolves. Founded in 1988, Goldstar has built an extensive repertoire of tools and knowledge for implementing database systems. As a Pervasive Software Business Alliance Partner, we can quickly obtain the right database components to get your system up and running. And with our extensive experience and training, we can help keep your systems performing at their best—well into the future.

Building a foundation:
Rock solid consulting services

Our vital partnerships with industry-leading database, networking, and data storage/retrieval companies enable Goldstar to provide you with a wide range of consulting services—services tailored to support every aspect of installing and using your Pervasive database products.
  • Networking Infrastructure
    Here's a frightening statistic -- over 50% of problems we troubleshoot are related to the underlying network infrastructure, either the cabling, network drivers or hardware. We bring extensive experience in this area, and we can provide the necessary information to bring together the application vendors, system administrators and networking staff to resolve problems together. Additionally, we can document and troubleshoot existing network implementations and use network analysis hardware and software to track lower-layer communication problems.
  • Network Servers
    The network server is a cornerstone of your database implementation. Goldstar’s Novell®-certified Master CNEs have extensive experience in installing and troubleshooting your NetWare®-based database engines. Our Microsoft-trained employees provide ace support in Windows NT® Server-based engines. Plus, we’re server configuration experts, meaning we can conduct server audits to make sure your systems are running at peak efficiency.
  • Scalable SQL and Pervasive.SQL Relational Access
    Pervasive’s Scalable SQL product has changed dramatically since version 3.01. Verifying that your Scalable SQL databases will work properly under the new 4.x engine is a difficult task—one that often requires a complete test server configuration. What’s more, because the new engine is much stricter in its implementation of ANSI SQL, many 3.x databases do not function correctly and need to be rebuilt from the ground up on the new engine. You can count on Goldstar for this important support. We have helped several sites with 3.x-to-4.x conversions—and we’ve built our own suite of custom-designed tools for just this task.
  • Btrieve and Pervasive.SQL Transactional Access
    For many years, Pervasive’s Btrieve database engine has been widely acknowledged as the fastest transactional engine available. That’s why Btrieve is used by so many business-critical applications. When installing this powerhouse engine, it’s important to understand Btrieve’s parameters and their effects on overall performance and stability. This is especially important in installations featuring multiple applications with different requirements of the Btrieve engine. Goldstar helps you monitor and optimize your Btrieve traffic—whether on a LAN or a WAN. What is more is that we can provide this configuration assistance no matter what setup you have: Btrieve 5.x, 5.10, or 6.15; Pervasive.SQL 7 or Pervasive.SQL 2000.
  • Client/Server Setup
    Getting your client/server database engines up and running smoothly is just half the battle. You must also maintain the right software versions at the workstation level. Goldstar has vast experience with both the client and the server side of the equation. We can ensure that your workstations talk to the database—quickly and efficiently.
  • Database Design
    Properly tuning your database engine is not the only key to high performance. Equally necessary is an effective, workable database design. That’s why Goldstar helps make sure our clients’ databases are efficient, extensible, and able to deliver the performance your users expect. We’ve worked with a wide range of databases of all sizes. Best, we understand the constraints of relational database design and know how to construct a database that will best meet your needs.
  • Development
    Goldstar has a long history of programming with the Scalable SQL and Btrieve interfaces, and we can provide assistance to new software developers who are working with the engines from the API level. Most important, we can help your developers use Btrieve’s extremely powerful extended operations—operations that can greatly improve your application’s performance.

Staying on track:
Support you can count on

You can count on Goldstar Software to get your system built today. And as you use that system over time, we can help keep it running. We offer several options for ongoing support:
  • Low-cost assistance over the Internet. E-mail, the Btrieve forum on CompuServe, and the comp.databases.btrieve newsgroup are excellent ways to obtain Goldstar’s advice and insight.
  • Telephone support. When you have an immediate problem, help is just a phone call away.
  • 24x7 pager-based support. This option fits the bill for critical operations.
  • Premium support for data file recovery. When data file corruption is affecting your operations, Goldstar can help retrieve data from your Btrieve files—even in cases when the normal BUTIL -RECOVER process cannot.

Acquiring your own expertise:
Superior training

Pervasive Software’s products do not require a dedicated database administrator. Still, problems sometimes occur—and when they do, you need someone on-site who’s familiar with the database engines and knowledgeable about the underlying hardware and software. Goldstar’s Certified Pervasive Instructor offers standardized Pervasive classes in Pervasive.SQL Application Development. And, when it comes to Pervasive Service and Support, we literally wrote the book, providing the core material used in the official Pervasive class. Alternatively, we can provide customized on-site training to address your specific requirements on any related topic, including Btrieve 6.15! Any way you learn it, you’ll have the core understanding you need to resolve issues as they arise, quickly and successfully—saving your organization time and money.

Click HERE to view the current training schedule.

Obtaining the Right Equipment:
Hardware and Software Sales

Goldstar Software can help determine exactly which hardware, software, and database components are needed to get your database up and running, then obtain these components for you. For smaller configurations, think of Goldstar as a "one-stop shop." Or, if you need larger volume purchases or equipment leases, we can act as a facilitator with manufacturers and distributors.

Not only is Goldstar a Pervasive Software Business Alliance and Training Partner, but we also maintain partnerships with key hardware and software vendors such as Novell, 3Com, Computer Associates, Symantec, and more. Whatever your requirements, we can help you find the solutions you need. See our Partners page for more details.

Goldstar Software:
We’re On Your Team

Whether you are building your own database application or assembling a team of experts for a large project, contact Goldstar Software today. We’ll make sure your network and database infrastructure is sound. We’ll help you build on solid ground—for today, as well as for the future.

What Are People Saying About Goldstar Software?
"Goldstar is a superb strategic partner. We rely heavily on Goldstar’s expertise in helping ISVs and developers work on their Pervasive database applications and assisting VARs with installation issues. Goldstar is known for its ability to diagnose problems quickly, and its technical abilities are outstanding."
    Ray Gish
    Strategic Sales, Pervasive Software

"When we upgraded to a new server, Goldstar came out and configured the software and fine-tuned our database application so we’d have optimum performance across the network. We continue to call on them for advice and help with problems. Goldstar’s knowledge of Pervasive products is unbelievable."
    Tony Luna
    Senior Network Analyst, America West Airlines
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