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NovaBACKUP Network

The NovaBACKUP Network product provides a highly-scalable solution for backups for 2 to 4 servers. It includes a full feature set, including backups to disk, tape, libraries, and more, and it works with physical machines, virtual machines, SQL databases, and so on. The multi-streaming capabilities ensures that all of your server backups can run at the same time, and it also supports multiplexing -- backing up to several target data streams at the same time, making it possible to backup large data sets very quickly -- essentially as fast as the network and storage will allow!

This bundle also includes NovaCare Premium support for one year, which includes full support via Email, telephone, and remote control, as well as product upgrade protection. You even get initial setup support (from the NovaStor office in California), making it easier to start protecting your data right away.

Check out our on-line store for current pricing, or contact us to get a quote specific to your environment.

Still not sure if this is right for you? Contact us to discuss your exact needs so that we can find YOUR best solution.

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