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Double-Take Software Products

Protecting your database is one of the most critical functions that a system administrator needs to consider. For smaller systems, periodic backups will do everything you need. However, for larger systems, or for systems where downtime MUST be as limited as possible, Goldstar Software recommends the Double-Take data replication products from Vision Solutions.

Double-Take is a fully-automated continuous backup solution for servers. In the event of hardware failure or other disaster, Double-Take provides for immediate failover to a secondary server, keeping your downtime at a minimum. Double-Take captures changes on the protected server in real time, and it replicates data to the target server in the exact order tyhat it was written to the source server, ensuring that your Pervasive database will always be a "crash consistent" database copy, which helps to maintain data integrity.

When you are ready tro buy and install your Double-Take license, you need to make sure that your installer is familiar with Pervasive databases to ensure that it gets configured correctly. Goldstar Software includes install and configuration time with each license purchased through us, so that we can ensure that your system is configured correctly and that your database is protected.

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Double-Take Availability provides Continuous Data Protection (CDP) for your Pervasive data environment, replicating database changes as they are made from the primary server to the secondary server, even with dissimilar servers and virtual machines! (The operating systems must be the same, however.) Using Double-Take, you can configure your database server to stream database changes to a secondary server in near-real-time. While this solution does not support an Active/Active configuration (you would need to implement DataExchange for that), this product is substantially easier to implement and maintain than DataExchange, and you cannot beat the protection for the price!

Pricing for this solution starts at $2000/server, depending on exact OS version and other factors.

Double-Take Availability Product Information
For pricing information, contact Bill Bach.

DoubleTake Backup Logo

Double-Take RecoverNow (formerly called Double-Take Backup) is a file-based continuous data protection (CDP) solution that allows you to protect your data with online migration of data changes, allowing point-in-time data recovery, and can supplement or even replace tape backup solutions. Double-Take Backup is an ideal solution for branch offices or for environments with limited down-time windows for backups. You can use this solution with different operating systems at each site, if needed, and even stand up your recovered data on a virtual machine!

Double-Take Backup Product Information
For pricing information, contact Bill Bach.

DoubleTake Move Logo
Double-Take Move uses the Double-Take replication engine to easily migrate data from one server to another, either physical or virtual, with limited downtime, all at a low cost. This solution is purchased in a node-locked, time-limited license, but allows you to migrate data while the primary server keeps running, and keep migrating data changes until the cutover time has arrives, thus providing a very small down-time window.

Double-Take Move Product Information
For pricing information, contact Bill Bach.


Double-Take Versions and OS Support

There are various versions of Double-Take available with each major category, each of which offers different functionality, optional features, and operating system support. Please contact us for more specific information on finding the correct version of Double-Take for your needs -- we can help you get the right product up and running!

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