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Carbonite Server

Get our Carbonite Server data sheet here.
Get our Carbonite Server VM Edition data sheet here.
Get more details from the Carbonite web site.
See the Carbonite General Terms of Service.

When you don't need full-blown replication, but you do need long-term data retention, Carbonite Server may be just the solution you need. This solution offers on-site protection with local backup, but with a second, secured copy in the cloud, with retention times of up to a full 7 years to meet your most demanding legal requirements.

While the first backup of each server is considered a full "seed" backup, all other backups are "forever" incremental backups. This incremental backup policy ensures that you are only replicating changed data, in order to reduce the storage needs. However, the restore process does NOT look like an incremental restore, thanks to advanced logic on the back end. In fact, the granular recovery supports restoring individual files and folders, Exchange mailboxes, AD, databases, and more.

Carbonite Server is implemented through a local server or appliance (which you provide) that acts as a local, on-site repository for your data. If you don't want to purchase, configure, and manage the hardware yourself, you can instead lean on Carbonite's Hardware as a Service (HWaaS) option which provides a suitable appliance that can simply be dropped into your environment. Once the data has been backed up to the local repository, it is then encrypted, compressed, and replicated to the Carbonite cloud for additional protection. This data can then be retained long-term to meet your needs, with standard 1-year and 7-year retention available, or even a custom policy, driven only by your needs and priced by your data storage requirements.

When something goes horribly wrong in your production environment, it's time for Carbonite Server to shine. If your local repository has the capability, you can immediately spin up a virtual machine on the repository server with your last backup image -- and you're back in business. If the worst of the worst happens and you lose your data center, then you can instead spin up a virtual server inside the Carbonite Cloud, providing business continuity for all of your remote users and customers.

With various options, data sizes, and more, the pricing is also fairly complicated and hard to put on a simple web page. If you'd like a formal quote, contact Goldstar Software to provide the following information:

  • Number of Servers: How many servers need to be protected?
  • Platform: Are all of your servers virtual machines? Or do you have a mix of physical, virtual and legacy systems?
  • Data Size: How much data are you protecting? The minimum size is 500GB, but just estimate it to the nearest terabyte (TB).
  • Retention: Do you need 7 years of retention? Or is just 1 year sufficient for your needs?
  • Local Storage Options: Do you already have a device or appliance suitable for handling your backup needs? Or do you want Carbonite to provide and manage the hardware for you (HWaaS)?
  • Cloud Failover Options: Do you want to be able to fail over into the Carbonite cloud in the event of a disaster? If so, how much data needs to be protected on failover servers? What is the memory footprint of these servers?
  • Committment: You can account for Carbonite Server as an standard, operational expense through monthly billing and a 1-year or 3-year term committment. Or you can save money by prepaying for a full year or even three years in one lump sum.

Are you ready to find out more? Contact Goldstar Software directly, and we will review your specific needs and see if this solution is right for you, or if you would be better served by one of the other solutions, such as Availability, Recover, or Carbonite Safe instead. You can also request a free trial now.

Do you already know what you need and just want pricing for Carbonite Server Backup? Due to the complexity of the pricing model, we do not offer this product on our web storefront. However, you can request a price quote right now with our Product Configurator:

Complete the form at the end to get your configuration reviewed and have a formal quote sent to you. Or, just give us a call and we can get you exact pricing and get you started right away!

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