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Untangle Firewall Products

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In any network environment, your data is only as secure as your weakest component. Network perimeter security, otherwise known as a firewall, is a critical component in keep the bad guys out of your system. Simple firewalls are provided in many Internet routers, but these are usually designed to keep users out by ports or addresses alone, and if an attack vector is left open, your entire network could be at risk.

Enter the idea of a deep packet inspection firewall, such as the Untangle NG Firewall. This software solution is interesting because it provides a completely free, open-source solution to your basic firewall needs. In fact, you can download and run the Untangle environment on an existing PC or even a virtual machine, for free.

In addition to the open-source protection, however, they offer a numer of "premium" applications offering improved filtering capabilities, such as:

  • Web Filter: Keeps your users from connecting to web sites known to have malicious (or unsuitable) content. You get full control of what you want to allow or block from your users.
  • Spam Blocker: Eliminates spam right at the network perimeter, keeping those unwanted Emails off of your network BEFORE they get into your users in-boxes.
  • Virus Blocker: Scans Email content, as well as HTTP and FTP file transfers, for virus and malware code.
  • Ad Blocker: You can block known advertising web sites, reducing your Internet bandwidth needs and increasing performance for all users on your network.

And, for companies who need more complete functionality, additional services are easily added, as well:

  • Application Control: Acts as a gateway to the Internet based on the application requesting the data, so that you can keep some applications (like games) from bogging down your connection.
  • Web Cache: Stores copies of Internet data locally to allow for redundent requests to be served without wasting bandwidth. This is great for classroom environments when lot sof users will be accessing similar pages over a small network pipe.
  • WAN Balancer and WAN Failover: Allows you to use multiple ISP connections to improve performance (balancing the load) or as a backup (bring a second link up if the primary fails).
  • OpenVPN and IPsec VPN: Two VPN solutions are available to grant your remote users secure access to the network from home or while travelling.
  • And the list goes on....

What if you don't need or want to run a full-blown PC for the firewall duties? You can also get a dedicated Untangle device, such as the z4 (which measures only 6.1x5x1.4 inches in size) and let it run the firewall services for you! With 5 different options (some of which including a Wi-Fi router) to choose from, you can get the right appliance for your needs, preinstalled with Untangle NG Firewall.

Goldstar Software will be happy to help you select the right sized device and firewall solution to fit your needs, from a home or small office solution on up. Contact Bill Bach today to learn more about our special pricing!

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