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Goldstar Software Database Services

Looking to move your application from Btrieve 6.15 to Pervasive.SQL to take advantage of the new features and performance improvements offered by the newer engines? We can provide the tools needed to Jump Start this process!

One thing that we have as a foundation for all of our work is that the Btrieve database engine works -- and works well. It provides fast response time at thousands of sites around the globe. With this in mind, it is usually possible to quickly isolate problems.

The usual breakdown of database problems we end up troubleshooting are:

50% - Network-related Problems: By far the worst culprit, poorly designed or implemented networking infrastructure causes many problems, from lost connections to data corruption to poor performance.

30% - Application-related Problems: These problems can be attributed to bad applications, database design, or just plain bad data. We have been involved in writing and maintaining large Btrieve applications since 1991 and can help work through these problems.

20% - Requester or Database Engine Problems: Periodically we come across a new problem which has not been seen before, or which may even be a known limitation of the engine. This number actually seems high -- mainly because we see a majority of problems which normal phone-support cannot resolve.

We can also provide specialized Performance Optimization or Customized Training to suit your needs.

Goldstar Software Database Monitoring Service

Goldstar Software can monitor your system remotely with this new service offering, and proactively notify you of changes that can improve performance or stability, including the resolution of file corruption. Click HERE for more information about this unique service!

Goldstar Software Data Protection Services

Worried about the safety of your data? Want help making sure that you have good backups? What about getting off-site copies of your data? Goldstar Software's suite of Data Protection Services can provide real value by easing your backup task load, putting your mind at ease about your data's safety. Click HERE for more information about our unique services!

Goldstar Software Replication Implementation

Goldstar Software has extensive experience in the DataExchange realm as well. This tool is a great way to replicate your data from your primary server to a reporting server to offload the reporting work from your production box. It is also a great way to protect your data (and your business) by maintaining an up-to-date copy of the database information on another server, either in your data center or at a distant facility (or both).

While Pervasive Software has done a good job streamlining the replication process, there is still a lot of pre-implementation work that must be accomplished to design the replication environment, prepare the database for replication, and monitor it after implementation. Let Goldstar Software help you with these complex issues with our on-site DX Implementation Assistance, or look into attending our new training class!

Goldstar Software File Recovery Services

Having a problem with database corruption? Our knowledge of the internal file structures is matched by few, and we have ways of extracted data from damaged files (a.k.a. the BART toolkit) that would otherwise be lost. Before giving up hope altogether, contact us for your advanced file recovery needs!

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