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Actian PSQL v13 Product Information

First Customer Ship:June 27, 2017
End of General Availability:Not Scheduled
End of Support:Not Scheduled

Click here for the PSQLv13 Product Data Sheet

As with previous versions (Actian PSQL v12 and older), PSQL v13 is available for Windows in both 32-bit and 64-bit levels. The Linux engine is expected to be a 64-bit version only, but it will not be available until Service Pack 1, some time towards the end of 2017. We do not expect compatible versions of DataExchange and AuditMaster until 2018 at the earliest.

At the same time, Actian announced yet another rebranding of their product, so you can look forward to more changes to come. The name "Actian PSQL v13" will be retired in favor of a new name -- Actian Zen Embedded Database v13. This new name is supposed to help convey the primary features of PSQL -- Zero-DBA, Embeddable, and Nano-footprint (i.e. small size). As this is a recent development, the current PSQL v13 product and downloads are not going to see any of these rebranding changes right away, but this change is expected to be done slowly, kind of like when they changed Pervasive Software to Actian within the v11-v12 time frame. We will post new information about the name change as it comes to light, but if you start to see announcements for "Zen v13", you'll know to what this is referring.

What's New In PSQL v13?

Here is a list of the most important new features in this release:

  • PSQL Reporting Engine: Many users have asked for this feature over the years, and it has finally come to fruition! Included FREE with PSQL v13 is a new Reporting Engine (RE), which allows you to set up a secondary PSQL server for reporting purposes. Now, you can off-load your SQL queries and reports, preserving the performance of your production server.
  • New Btrieve C and C++ APIs: Simpler development is here! A new Btrieve 2 API is included with v13 which offers a simplified way of calling the database from C, but also from object-oriented languages like C++. Even better, a new SWIG API is available for the Btrieve 2 API which offers access from Perl, PHP, Python, and other scripting environments. Get more details from the Getting Started guide.
  • New Schema Export and Import in PCC: A completely revamped solution to exporting and importing your SQL metadata is available in v13, making it possible to recreate your databases, migrate from v1 to v2 metadata, and more.
  • Updated Cache Management: Would you like to purge useless data from your database engine cache? A new option for BUTIL is available to do just that! This command can be used to flush pages from a large, rarely-accessed file from your database cache. Even better -- use the -CACHE option to pre-load data from your critical files into the cache, improving performance for your users!
  • New SDKs: ADO.NET 4.3 modules are now available (ADO.NET 4.0 has been deprecated in PSQL v13).

In addition, there are several BETA features included which are expected to be formally released with the Service Pack 1 update:

  • BETA Release: PSQL Server and Client for Raspbian Linux: Want to access PSQL from your Raspberry Pi (ARM32) device? Yup -- it's in there! Want to run a PSQL database *ON* your Raspberry Pi device? That too! Check out this BETA release now and be prepared for when it officially releases later in the v13 development cycle.
  • BETA Release: Windows IoT Core Support: Another BETA release will support the Windows IoT Core operating system for x86 and ARM32 CPU's.
  • BETA Release: Windows Nano Server Support: The last BETA release will support the Windows Nano Server environments, allowing you to run on a minimim-footprint, non-GUI version of Windows Server designed to run in the cloud or within containers. This engine can be managed remotely via WMI and PowerShell, and it reduces the OS size and security footprint of your environment considerably, saving both storage space and memory.

You can get the official What's New document from Actian's PSQL v13 Downloads Page.

Supported Operating Systems and Hardware Requirements

Officially supported operating systems include Windows 7 and newer, and Windows Server 2008 R2 and newer only. Windows Vista, Windows XP, Server 2003, Server 2008 (not R2) and older operating systems are not formally supported by Actian with this release! This does not mean that they will not work, but only that they have not been officially tested or supported by Actian.

For minimum hardware and OS requirements, refer to the Actian PSQL v13 Hardware Requirements page.

Actian PSQL v13 License Models

Actian PSQL v13 has three different license models to choose from:

  • Workgroup Engine: Per-user licensing, up to a maximum of 5 concurrent users
  • Server Engine: Per-user licensing, starting at 6 concurrent users
  • Vx Server Engine: Data size licensing with unlimited users for Web/SaaS installations

Please see our PSQL v13 License Primer for more information on the various license types and other factors that might help you determine the best license type for your environment.

If you have decided on per-user licensing, but you are still not sure if you want the Workgroup Engine or the Server Engine, check out our Workgroup Versus Server Comparison Chart.

Pricing for each of these license models can be found on our Actian PSQL v13 price list, or you can BUY IT NOW from our on-line store. If you want to try out different license models before you buy (a really good idea!), you can get trial downloads from Actian's Web Site.

Still not sure which license model or size to get?

Actian PSQL v13 Application Support

We expect application vendors to start testing Actian PSQL v13 soon after its release, and hopefully to announce support for the new version shortly thereafter. If we have heard from your vendor, then our Application Support pages may have useful information already for you. Otherwise, please contact your application vendor directly to find out when they expect to support PSQL v13.

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If you have additional questions about the product, please contact us!

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